National Drive Electric Week Long Beach, California

September 17, 2016


Houghton Park Community Center, 6301 Myrtle Ave., Long Beach, California 90805

Photos and Text by Carl Morrison

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Tesla Early Arrivals A.J. Coco, left, Steve Grande, right.


A.J. Coco

Carl Morrison, Photographer and Reporter driving Steve Grande's Model X (above right).


Candy Moreno's new Model X


Efthemia Papadopoulos, Laguna Beach



John Foley, owner of this Tesla for about 3 months, agreed to answer Tesla questions at



Congresswoman Janice Hahn, 44th District, California

Some of Congresswoman Hahn's comments;

"Good afternoon, Long Beach!  This event is one of more than 200 events happening around the country to celebrate National Drive Electric Week.  I am one of 2 Members of Congress who drives an EV.  I have a Nissan Leaf that I love.  It is fun to drive, I feel good about not polluting the air we breathe or adding to global warming, and it feels great not stopping at the gas station!  I know that Electric Vehicles are the cars of the future and I want to accelerate their adoption.  That is why I have introduced legislation - E-CAR Act - to increase the number of charging stations and make plugging-in as convenient as going to a gas station.  We are already seeing incredible progress!  Just this week we hit an amazing threshold 500,000 electric vehicles on the road in America!  Just a few years ago that sounded like a pipe dream but because of smart policies and smart EV buyers like you--we made it a reality.  It is go good to see you all here and thank you for getting the message out about EVs!"
--From Congresswoman Janice Hahn's speaking notes.

Congresswoman Hahn also mentioned that highway funds are from gas taxes, and with more electric cars and less gas being purchased, there needs to be some kind of tax to replace the gas tax.  She also wants zero emissions seaports because this area's children have more asthma because of port emissions.


Electric motor cycle and lawn mower on display behind Congresswoman Hahn as she speaks to Drive Electric Celebration attendees.





Representative Hahn presents a Certificate of Recognition from United States Congress House of Representatives
to Sierra Club Long Beach Area Group's Gabrielle Weeks.


Patrick O'Donnell, State Representative



Rex Richardson, Ninth District Council member
and SCAG, Southern California Association of Governments

Council member Richardson promoted the "Activate Uptown Long Beach" activity at the streets of Myrtle and Artesia Saturday, October 1, 2016 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.





James Holtz


Chris, electric bus driver


Ivan Sulig


Paul is thinking of a new electric vehicle.

Other electric vehicles in attendance by private owners:











Reggie Smith, Temecula, drives his electric Fiat daily between Temecula and Long Beach Airport.  He has accumulated volumes of electric vehicle research and is willing to share at



Low road resistant tires


Homemade electric 914 Porsche




Salem (Sah leem') Afeworki,


Plug In America representatives


John Bui, liked the falcon doors on Steve Grande's Tesla Model X


Organizer:  Gabrielle Weeks -

A slide show of all photos above plus others from the day is at:

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